Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Since the information stored in a password database is usually both sensitive and important, Password Safe provides several mechanisms for backing up and restoring password databases. This section describes how to manually make backups of your password database Password Safe can also be configured to make automatic backups of your database whenever the database is saved. Such backups are called intermediate backups, and are described here.

Make a Backup

Safely create a copy of the current password database.

  1. Click Make Backup
  2. Select a location for the backup file
  3. Click Save

Note: It is strongly recommended that you make frequent backups of your password databases. This will help safeguard password lists against system crashes or corrupted files. The backup is encrypted using the same master password as the current database being backed up. In particular, via the Backups tab in the Options dialog box, you may specify how many backups to keep (we recommend a minimum of 3 to 5) and whether to use an incremental number or date/time value in the backup file name.

Restore from Backup

Restore a backed up password database file.

  1. Click Restore from Backup
  2. Navigate to the backup location and select the file to restore
  3. Click Open and a password prompt will be displayed.
  4. Enter the database password and click OK