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Disk-on-Key Versions

The free version of PasswordSafe is fine for use on a PC or laptop. If you're using a disk-on-key to store you passwords for use on multiple machines, however, you might be interested in the following versions of PasswordSafe:

PasswordSafe2Go - Keep your password database on a disk-on-key along with PasswordSafe. No need to install PasswordSafe on any of your PCs. Just plug in your Disk-on-Key and double-click on the PasswordSafe icon to securely access your passwords. Buy Now!
PasswordSafe for U3 - A version of PasswordSafe that runs under the U3 framework. Just plug in your Disk-on-Key, and double click on the PasswordSafe icon in U3's launchpad to securely access your passwords. This version is supported, but is no longer for sale. To upgrade, please contact me.
All purchases include free upgrades for one year from date of purchase.

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