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6 July 2016

PasswordSafe version 3.39.1 for Windows has been released. This release fixes a regression that crept into 3.39, breaking non-English language support.

4 July 2016

PasswordSafe version 3.39 for Windows has been released.

Bugs fixed in V3.39

1334 An empty group is now correctly changed to a normal group when an entry is copied into it via Drag & Drop.
1330 Duplication of an alias or shortcut base entry now correctly results in a normal entry.
1319 Re-implement fix for BR 1319 so that the added entry no longer appears always selected until the display is refreshed.
Export of a complete database to XML now includes all Named Password Policies.
When renaming a group, all empty subgroups are now correctly renamed.
Disable switch to read-only when unlocking with changes pending.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.39

806 The group will be saved as an "empty group" when the last entry with this group value is deleted. This is similar to the action of the filesystem when the last file within a folder/directory is deleted.
463 Double click on a word in the Notes field, e.g. for copy & paste, now no longer includes any trailing spaces. This is different to the standard Microsoft processing in their products.

15 February 2016

PasswordSafe 3.38.2 fixes an entry corruption that occurred when the database locked/unlocked while an entry was being edited.

Bugs fixed in V3.38.2

1326 Fixed entry corruption when database locked/unlocked while an entry was being edited (and possibly other scenarios).
Ensure that the Tooltip on how to unprotect an entry is now shown against the tutorial text at the top of the dialog for wide displays.
1319 Newly added entries are now shown as selected in the Tree view.

19 January 2016

PasswordSafe 3.38.1 mainly fixes some regressions, detailed below, and adds updated French and Russian translations.

Bugs fixed in V3.38.1

Fixed regression in alias support
Fixed regression: crash in Linux when incorrect password entered
Fixes in advanced find report
V4 (alpha) related fixes
Fixes related to empty groups
1312 Now able to duplicate an alias entry without errors.
1306 Display of an empty group is now correctly displayed when an entry is moved to it via editing.
1295 Create Shortcut group dropdown box width no longer trucates long group paths.
1057 Aliases and shortcuts imported via XML now correctly point to their respective base entries.

New Features for V3.38.1

797 Change the Add/Edit dialogs to allow a larger Notes field to be visible. Protected entries now only have this information in the dialog caption. The Tooltip on how to unprotect an entry is now shown against the tutorial text at the top of the dialog.

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