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2012 History

PasswordSafe was originally designed by Bruce Schneier and released as a free utility application. Since then, it has evolved considerably. The following table has links to pages detailing the release history of PasswordSafe since the project was made open source. This can be useful for seeing what features were added and what bugs were fixed since a given release.

Year Releases
2023 3.62-3.64.1
2022 3.59-3.61
2021 3.55-3.58
2020 3.52-3.54.1
2019 3.49-3.51
2018 3.45-3.48
2017 3.42-3.44
2016 3.38.1-3.41
2015 3.36-3.38
2014 3.33-3.35
2013 3.31-3.32
2012 3.28-3.30
2011 3.25-3.27
2010 3.21-3.24.1
2009 3.16-3.20
2008 3.12-3.15.1
2007 3.06-3.11.1
2006 2.16-3.05.02
2005 2.08-2.15
2004 2.0-2.07
2003 1.91-1.92c
2002 First Open Source release

25 December 2012

New releases for both Windows (3.30) and Linux (0.9Beta). Thanks to Matt, shivka7, suthakar123, nsaipraveen, sauravg and pm_kan for their help in this release, and to pm_kan, Karlo, Bjorne and mniklas for updating the Russian, German, Swedish and Polish translations.

New Features for V3.30

689 It's now possible to change the r/w state of a database when unlocking it. Thanks to Jeff for the suggestion.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.30


Bugs fixed in V3.30

1066 Default changed: 'Browse to URL' does not copy password to clipboard by default. Although convenient, this is a security issue if the user isn't expecting it. Also show correct screen in Security Options help.
1065 Don't hide notes in Add/Edit dialog box when changing field focus if user chose not to.
1063 Intermediate backups also work correctly when relative path to database is specified on command line. Thanks to Matt for tracking this down.
3556730 In Add/Edit dialog, clicking Apply no longer disables the OK button. An asterisk (*) is displayed in the title bar when the entry's modified and Apply's not clicked upon. Thanks to shivak7 for the fix.
3539347 An empty diamond icon is now updated to a full one when an entry is dragged into it. Thanks to nsaipraveen for the fix.
3537861 An off-by-one issue with expiration dates has been fixed by suthakar123.
353 Easy-to-read option now respected in Generate Password screen.
n/a Update ListView immediately when an entry's field has been changed.

21 August 2012

A long due update to the Linux version has been release, 0.8 Beta. The packages are built for Debian 6.05 and Ubuntu 12.04, both on 32 bit architectures. (64 bit versions compile and work, but have not yet been packaged due to resource constraints.) Thanks to sauravg, mniklas and pm_kan for their help on this version. This release fixes quite a bit of the issues reported for 0.7, as well as implementing some of the newer features of the Windows version, notable named password policies.

21 June 2012

Password Safe 3.29 for Windows has been released and may be downloaded from here. This release has a couple of nice new features, as described below, some bug fixes, as well as full or partial support for:
Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
(If you're interested in supporting your language, please let me know.)
Thanks to:

New Features for V3.29

3519484 Empty Groups are now persistent (previously a group with no entries would 'disappear' if the database was locked or closed).
3510481 The Last Modified and Password Modified date/times are initially set to show the entry's creation time, instead of being blank.
n/a When comparing databases, you can now display of the details of the entries' differences in the results dialog by right-click -> compare selected entries.
n/a You can now cancel a long running Compare, Merge or Synchronize database operation. Note: You should check the operation's report file to see if the operation was indeed cancelled. If not, you can undo it as all operations).
n/a Portuguese (Brazil) installation instructions added, thanks to Andreas.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.29


Bugs fixed in V3.29

3525995 Find now only highlights/select the found entry.
3523117 Password Expiration Date now correctly set when using intervals.
3521158 Paste into the Notes field (Add or Edit entry) is now always in plain text.
3518734 When generating passwords (Ctrl-P), the user is no longer prompted to save changes when pressing Esc if they have selected a Named Password Policy but not generated a password.
3518732 Custom special symbol set now handled correctly in Generate Password dialog box.
3518389 All date/time fields in the List view are now displayed using the user's "short date" format as specified via the Windows Control Panel "Region and Language" tab.
3515692 Fixed crash with Generate Password switching to default policy with > 1 named policy.
3514819 Add Group now works again.
3510590 Password History is now correctly repaired if found in error during the automatic Validate on database open.
3508891 Editing an entry's Notes using an external editor no longer adds blank lines and fully supports non-Latin characters.
3498625 Test selected password policy now reflects any edits done to the policy.
3495473 Notes Word Wrap during edit now works again.

22 February 2012

Password Safe 3.28 for Windows has been released and may be downloaded from here. This release has a couple of nice new features, as described below, some bug fixes, as well as full or partial support for:
Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
(If you're interested in supporting your language, please let me know.)
Thanks to:

New Features for V3.28

3468289 The passwords in the Password History and in the List view now displayed with the specified Password Font. In addition, you can now zoom in and out of the Notes field, for easy reading of texts.
3455436 The password history can now be deleted for all existing entries in a database at once (optionally including Protected Entries).
3421963 Multiple Password Policies can now be defined, managed and selected in entries to generate passwords.
n/a Partial support for Czech has been added, thanks to butchtik.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.28

3445820 The Edit menu item and entry right-click context menu item "Copy Run Command to Clipboard" will now substitute any variables within the command. This can be disabled by holding down the Ctrl key when selecting these menu items. (Note that the standard menu shortcut can't be used to disable, as the Ctrl key may be used to select a different menu item/command.)
n/a As mentioned in the V3.26 release, the XML representation of date/time fields, are now in the W3C dateTime standard format instead of PasswordSafe's. This release no longer supports import of XML files with date time fields in the old PasswordSafe's format. See the online Help (the XML section of "Import Password Entries") if you need to manually convert old XML files.
n/a After closing the current database, on opening another, PasswordSafe will first attempt to access the directory of the last opened database in order to allow the user to start browsing for their intended database. If this directory is not available, PasswordSafe will open the default "My Safes" directory as it did prior to this change.
n/a Databases are now always validated when opened. The Manage->Validate menu item has therefore been removed.
n/a The default backup policy has been changed to save the last three versions of the database, instead of one.
n/a The graphic symbols for entries, groups, etc. have been redone, as most displays now support more than 256 colors.

Bugs fixed in V3.28

3486960 Rename of a group is now complete even if a filter is active.
3486959 PasswordSafe no longer crashes when returning to edit after lock.
3468853 The number of saved passwords can be changed and after the user presses Apply they will no longer be warned that the entry has been changed when pressing Cancel.
3462520 A password entry's expiry time in days now correctly reflects the expiration date for non-recurring expiration.
3440318 Filters can now be cleared by double-clicking on the filter indicator in the status bar. Also, Filter Menu correctly changed when a filter is active.
3435869 '-g config_file' option now accepts a non-existing file, creating it after notfying the user.
3430196 Buttons in the Options property pages now retain the user's Windows theme.
n/a Fix inability to copy entries to the original database in the Compare database results dialog.
n/a Thanks to Jon F. for proofreading the online help.
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