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2018 History

PasswordSafe was originally designed by Bruce Schneier and released as a free utility application. Since then, it has evolved considerably. The following table has links to pages detailing the release history of PasswordSafe since the project was made open source. This can be useful for seeing what features were added and what bugs were fixed since a given release.

Year Releases
2023 3.62-3.64.1
2022 3.59-3.61
2021 3.55-3.58
2020 3.52-3.54.1
2019 3.49-3.51
2018 3.45-3.48
2017 3.42-3.44
2016 3.38.1-3.41
2015 3.36-3.38
2014 3.33-3.35
2013 3.31-3.32
2012 3.28-3.30
2011 3.25-3.27
2010 3.21-3.24.1
2009 3.16-3.20
2008 3.12-3.15.1
2007 3.06-3.11.1
2006 2.16-3.05.02
2005 2.08-2.15
2004 2.0-2.07
2003 1.91-1.92c
2002 First Open Source release

24 December 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.48.0 for Windows has been released (alternate site).

New Features for V3.48.0

Default expiration interval is now configurable via Options->Password History, instead of being hardcoded to 90 days.

Bugs Fixed in V3.48.0

1481 Export subgroups correctly.
1480 Fixed typo in English dragbar tooltip texts.
1475 Tweak RNG initialization.
1473 Installer will not create startup shortcut by default when upgrading.
1243 Installer now selects language support for selected installer language.

6 September 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.47.2 for Windows has been released.

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.2

1468 Reverted clipboard timed clearing function introduced in 3.47.0, as this broke the clipboard functionality on some systems.

1 September 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.47.1 for Windows has been released.

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.1

Change clipboard clearing delay from 3 to 30 seconds.
1466 Disable Undo/Redo toolbar buttons when opening database (and there's nothing to undo/redo).
GH575 Resized Properties dialog for non-English texts.

10 August 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.47 for Windows has been released.

New Features for V3.47.0

862 Last time the master password was changed is kept and displayed in File->Properties.

Bugs Fixed in V3.47.0

Clipboard is more secure - cleared 3 seconds after copied data is first pasted.
1465 Removed possibility of not setting Yubikey in changed passphrase by mistake.
1453 Fixed regression in tooltip display introduced in fix of BR1449.
1448 Less confusing behavior when the current safe can't be found upon restore.

10 April 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.46 for Windows has been released.

Bugs Fixed in V3.46.0

1458 Fixed compatibility issue between Unix and Windows versions when master password had non-ASCII characters.
1457 Protect Entry / Group now works when language isn't English.
1456 Shortcut entries no longer use default username if base entry's username is empty.
1455 Ctrl+Enter shortcut now works correctly in read-only mode.
1454, G411 No longer thinks security preference has changed when it hasn't.

19 January 2018

PasswordSafe version 3.45 for Windows has been released.

Bugs Fixed in V3.45.0

G360 (a) System tray icon starts out brown, not green.
(b) Remove system tray icon when cancelling password entry.
G357 Russian installation text displays correctly.
1450 Can now generate passwords longer than 94 characters.
1449 Cleanup statusbar tooltip text.
1445 Fixed crash on autotype with malformed text.
1444 Fixed crash in display of Password Policies in Czech.
1442 Fixed regression: -s flag (silent opening) works again.
1441 Changing unlock difficulty now enables save (regression), supported under undo/redo.
1192 Don't revert to original r-o when locking with an edit box open.

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