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2015 History

PasswordSafe was originally designed by Bruce Schneier and released as a free utility application. Since then, it has evolved considerably. The following table has links to pages detailing the release history of PasswordSafe since the project was made open source. This can be useful for seeing what features were added and what bugs were fixed since a given release.

Year Releases
2022 3.59-3.61
2021 3.55-3.58
2020 3.52-3.54.1
2019 3.49-3.51
2018 3.45-3.48
2017 3.42-3.44
2016 3.38.1-3.41
2015 3.36-3.38
2014 3.33-3.35
2013 3.31-3.32
2012 3.28-3.30
2011 3.25-3.27
2010 3.21-3.24.1
2009 3.16-3.20
2008 3.12-3.15.1
2007 3.06-3.11.1
2006 2.16-3.05.02
2005 2.08-2.15
2004 2.0-2.07
2003 1.91-1.92c
2002 First Open Source release

31 December 2015

PasswordSafe version 3.38 has been released. This fixes a problem with displaying PasswordSafe under Windows 8 and later on high resolution displays. In addition, this has some significant "under the hood" restructuring to support the next version of the PasswordSafe format. Thanks to Bill, Bjorne, dk, Jorge, Kevin, Nicholas, pm_kan, sauravg, Todd, Vladimir and others for their help in this release.

Bugs fixed in V3.38

1289 Uniform behavior for generated password: Can be explicitly copied to clipboard whenever generated (no longer copied by default).
1266 Toolbar elements display correctly on high-resolution monitors under Windows 8.1 and later.

New Features for V3.38

n/a Experimental support for V4 format. DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION ("REAL") PASSWORDS.

10 October 2015

PasswordSafe version 3.37.1 has been released. This fixes a regression found in 3.37, affecting the "wide" version of add and edit entry windows (these are displayed when the user's screen is relatively short). Thanks to Nicholas for reporting this, and to dk for rapidly finding and fixing the root cause.

6 October 2015

PasswordSafe version 3.37 for Windows has been released. Thanks to Bjorne, dk, Francois, Larry, pm_kan, sauravg, and sp1l, for their help in this release.

New Features for V3.37

n/a The Notes External Editor now accepts environment strings (e.g. %windir%) in the path to the editor.
78 If the double-click action (or shift-double-click) of an entry is set to Edit/View Entry, then (shift-) double-clicking on its shortcut will edit/view the base entry. The selected shortcut entry can still be viewed/edited via menu, right-click or just hitting Enter.
782 Notes field font is now user-configurable.
781 Virtual Keyboard - allow playing sound when a valid or invalid key is pressed and add caption to the Space Bar (Partial implementation of this Feature Request).

Bugs fixed in V3.37

1274 References to base entries are now scrollable, no longer truncated.
1273 Find in the Tree View will now ensure that any found entry will be visible by scrolling appropriately.
1272 XML export of single entry using default Password policy now works correctly.
1270 Display Filter dropdown list of filter fields now fits on low resolution screens
1269 Filters containing Password Policy Names now export/import correctly to/from XML.
1267 Export from a YubiKey-protected database to another database fixed.
1261 'Unlock Difficulty' slider is now correctly initialised in the Manage Options Security tab.
1260 If Password Safe is unable to find the user specified external editor, the external edit is cancelled and the Notes field remains unchanged.
1258 Group dropdown box width no longer trucates long group paths.
1254 Toolbar customisation now has correctly aligned text/images.
1244 Changes to symbol set in default password policy are respected when "Use easy-to-read characters" is set.
1230 "Open as read-only" check-box correctly set when opening a R/W database after previously opening/selecting a R-O database.
1204 Show correct icon color in system tray when unminimizing with no database open.
1124 Autotype on a shortcut entry now picks up title, group and user fields from shortcut instead of base.
1082 Field modification times set to creation time for list view and entry's time and date tab. This is more useful than "N/A", e.g., for sorting by password modification to find old passwords that should be changed.
1054 Password Variable in Run Command correctly set when executed from an alias.

8 June 2015

PasswordSafe version 3.36 for Windows has been released. Thanks to Bjorne, David Dreggors, dk, Francois, pm_kan, rafael-x and sauravg for their help in this release.

New Features for V3.36

n/a Entries and Groups can be exported to plain text, XML, or to a new PasswordSafe file.
777 Added command line option to force choice of tall or wide dialog screens.
772 Added a tooltip for the copy-to-clipboard button in the generator.
768 Caps Lock indicator added to passphrase entry dialogs.

Bugs fixed in V3.36

1248 Non-ASCII symbols can now be specified in Password Policies.
1245 Asterisk is now accepted as a symbol in Password Policies.
1233 Don't count unchecked character types in password policies when checking for consistency.
1231 Relax restriction on easy-vision password policy + more consistent UI.
1229 Hex digits checkbox can be selected in Generate Passwords.
1228 Fixed incompatability with Password Policies generated with previous versions.
1226 Fixed regression in Find toolbar functionality.
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