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2016 History

PasswordSafe was originally designed by Bruce Schneier and released as a free utility application. Since then, it has evolved considerably. The following table has links to pages detailing the release history of PasswordSafe since the project was made open source. This can be useful for seeing what features were added and what bugs were fixed since a given release.

Year Releases
2023 3.62-3.64.1
2022 3.59-3.61
2021 3.55-3.58
2020 3.52-3.54.1
2019 3.49-3.51
2018 3.45-3.48
2017 3.42-3.44
2016 3.38.1-3.41
2015 3.36-3.38
2014 3.33-3.35
2013 3.31-3.32
2012 3.28-3.30
2011 3.25-3.27
2010 3.21-3.24.1
2009 3.16-3.20
2008 3.12-3.15.1
2007 3.06-3.11.1
2006 2.16-3.05.02
2005 2.08-2.15
2004 2.0-2.07
2003 1.91-1.92c
2002 First Open Source release

26 November 2016

PasswordSafe version 3.41 for Windows has been released.

Bugs fixed in V3.41.0

Fix crash if Find active when applying a filter, e.g., show entries with expiry dates.
Ensure shortcut is updated in GUI after editing.
Text in the Find toolbar search edit control is now vertically centered to reduce character truncation.
Clicking on a field's name copies the value to the clipboard when adding a new entry (and not only when editing).
Update password history when Apply is clicked, not only when Edit window's closed.
No longer show empty groups when the user filters for entries with expired passwords.
1378 Fix application crash if Add/Edit entry dialog is open when the database is locked e.g. via idle timer, workstation lock etc.
1373 An invalid or non-existent backup directory path can no longer be saved when exiting Options.
1369 The virtual keyboard no longer becomes unusable after clicking on the Randomize button.
1368 The Status bar now shows the correct number of entries when a database is unlocked.
1367 Fixed regression in command line arguments -h and -u support.
1366 Copying the unexpanded autotype string on Edit entry screen using Ctrl+click on Autotype label now works.
1365 Ctrl+F now switches focus back to Find toolbar if it is already open.
1364 Unnecessary tree view refreshes fixed.
1363 Empty groups no longer disappear when moving nested groups into them and do not leave duplicated empty groups in the database.
G192 Saved changes no longer prevent logoff or system shutdown.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.41.0

You can no longer change an alias's base entry's password from the alias entry. Instead, you should edit the base entry directly by selecting the alias entry and using the Edit or right-click context menu to select its base.
The "Show Find Toolbar" has been removed from the View menu as it appears in the Edit menu. Ctrl+F still works as before to show the Find toolbar or transfer focus to it if already visible.
1371 The font used in the Find toolbar is now set to the user specified Add/Edit font instead of the Tree/List view font.

New Features for V3.41.0

New AutoType field '\#' toggles the use of the older mechanism to send keyboard input to other applications e.g. browsers.
Add more Help to the Add/Edit Basic and Additional tabs.
Empty groups added but not yet saved are now included when the user filters on unsaved changes.
Empty groups, whose names satisfy a filter that include tests on group name values, are now included in the display when the filter is active.
815 The database backup location now supports environmental variables e.g. %homedrive% and %homepath%. If used, the resulting path is shown.
814 Clearing the recent database list now requires confirmation.
813 When exporting a group to a new database, there is now an option to also export all filters stored in the database to the new database.
796 Autotype has been extended to support the previous password, if present in the entry's password history, via the Autotype field '\q'. In addition, for Windows, a number of keyboard keys are supported by specifying the key between '\{' and '}'. Please see Help for details.

20 September 2016

PasswordSafe version 3.40 for Windows has been released.

Bugs fixed in V3.40

Correctly import empty groups from a XML file when an imported group has been specified.
Empty groups are now added when merging one PasswordSafe database into another.
List view column widths are no longer reset when dragging columns to different positions or columns are added or removed.
The user specified Notes font is now also applied to the Notes column in the List view.
Entry Protected state and AutoType string is now correctly displayed in the List view.
After entry has been edited from List View, it now remains visible after Edit/Undo/Redo even if the change alters its position within the view.
1360 When an entry/group using a Named Password Policy is exported to a PasswordSafe database, the referenced policy is now also exported.
1355 Fixed tabbing order in Basic AddEdit tab.
1352 Fixed regression in recent entry processing.
1347 Prevent a user from trying to copy a filter to a read-only database.
1346 The Notes window no longer scrolls when re-activated after losing focus.
1345 Removed the ability to create a new database when read-only is checked.
Fix multiple empty group issues.
1335 If "Minimize after Autotype" option is set, it will also be honoured for the user action: "Browse to URL + Autotype".
1315 Keep selected entry selected after refreshing the view (F5).
1314 Selected entries keep highlight when the Find toolbar is opened and even when Password Safe loses focus to another application.
Find toolbar no longer closes when it shouldn't. In addition, results are updated when entries are added/deleted.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.40

Save Immediately has been enhanced to apply to all changes to the database and not just after an edit or addition of an entry. It is strongly recommended that, if enabled, then the option to "Create intermediate backups" is also enabled. Note, changes made via the Compare database results dialog will not cause a database save for each action but will after the compare results dialog has been closed.
The last sort direction in List View (ascending or descending) on closing a database is now stored in the application configuration file and is no longer stored in the database header.
The number of groups shown in the database properties dialog is now counted in the same manner as directories/folders in a file system, e.g., Windows Explorer. This includes empty groups. The number of empty groups is also shown.

New Features for V3.40

Empty sub-groups are included when exporting a group to a new PasswordSafe database.
Adding an empty group will also cause the database to be saved if the user has selected the option "Save database immediately after any change".
811 The user's selected Notes font is now used for Tooltips in the Tree and List views if the Display preference 'Show Notes as Tooltips in Tree & List views' is set.
810 Allow font selection for all the user input fields in the Add/Edit entry and the Create Shortcut dialogs.

4 July 2016

PasswordSafe version 3.39 for Windows has been released.

Bugs fixed in V3.39

1334 An empty group is now correctly changed to a normal group when an entry is copied into it via Drag & Drop.
1330 Duplication of an alias or shortcut base entry now correctly results in a normal entry.
1319 Re-implement fix for BR 1319 so that the added entry no longer appears always selected until the display is refreshed.
Export of a complete database to XML now includes all Named Password Policies.
When renaming a group, all empty subgroups are now correctly renamed.
Disable switch to read-only when unlocking with changes pending.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.39

806 The group will be saved as an "empty group" when the last entry with this group value is deleted. This is similar to the action of the filesystem when the last file within a folder/directory is deleted.
463 Double click on a word in the Notes field, e.g. for copy & paste, now no longer includes any trailing spaces. This is different to the standard Microsoft processing in their products.

15 February 2016

PasswordSafe 3.38.2 fixes an entry corruption that occurred when the database locked/unlocked while an entry was being edited.

Bugs fixed in V3.38.2

1326 Fixed entry corruption when database locked/unlocked while an entry was being edited (and possibly other scenarios).
Ensure that the Tooltip on how to unprotect an entry is now shown against the tutorial text at the top of the dialog for wide displays.
1319 Newly added entries are now shown as selected in the Tree view.

19 January 2016

PasswordSafe 3.38.1 mainly fixes some regressions, detailed below, and adds updated French and Russian translations.

Bugs fixed in V3.38.1

Fixed regression in alias support
Fixed regression: crash in Linux when incorrect password entered
Fixes in advanced find report
V4 (alpha) related fixes
Fixes related to empty groups
1312 Now able to duplicate an alias entry without errors.
1306 Display of an empty group is now correctly displayed when an entry is moved to it via editing.
1295 Create Shortcut group dropdown box width no longer trucates long group paths.
1057 Aliases and shortcuts imported via XML now correctly point to their respective base entries.

New Features for V3.38.1

797 Change the Add/Edit dialogs to allow a larger Notes field to be visible. Protected entries now only have this information in the dialog caption. The Tooltip on how to unprotect an entry is now shown against the tutorial text at the top of the dialog.

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