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2013 History

PasswordSafe was originally designed by Bruce Schneier and released as a free utility application. Since then, it has evolved considerably. The following table has links to pages detailing the release history of PasswordSafe since the project was made open source. This can be useful for seeing what features were added and what bugs were fixed since a given release.

Year Releases
2023 3.62-3.64.1
2022 3.59-3.61
2021 3.55-3.58
2020 3.52-3.54.1
2019 3.49-3.51
2018 3.45-3.48
2017 3.42-3.44
2016 3.38.1-3.41
2015 3.36-3.38
2014 3.33-3.35
2013 3.31-3.32
2012 3.28-3.30
2011 3.25-3.27
2010 3.21-3.24.1
2009 3.16-3.20
2008 3.12-3.15.1
2007 3.06-3.11.1
2006 2.16-3.05.02
2005 2.08-2.15
2004 2.0-2.07
2003 1.91-1.92c
2002 First Open Source release

24 September 2013

New releases for both Windows (3.32) and Linux (0.92Beta). Thanks to Saurav, DK and Andrey for their help in this release, and to pm_kan, Karlo, Francois, and Bjorne, for updating the Russian, German, French, and Swedish translations.

New Features for V3.32

- Support Yubico's YubiKey authentication token. Previouly this product was supported in a separate branch.
705 User can choose not to let PasswordSafe record which virtual keyboard was used.
703 Changing a database opened in read-only mode to read/write will revert when the database is locked.
695 Allow a keyboard shortcut to be associated with selecting an entry. Please see Help entry for more details.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.32

- Add validation of entry field XML characters to ensure resulting file can be imported. Note: any field containing an invalid character will not be exported and a comment added to the export file and the report.
718 Run command can now accept $e or $email and will expand this to the entry's e-mail.

Bugs fixed in V3.32

1124 Copying the username of a shortcut entry now works correctly.
1122 -d dialog no longer needs password verification.
1121 Help now displays correctly for Import XML settings.
1113 Filters now handle empty fields correctly.
1108 Manage Password Policy lists and Edit Entry's Notes fonts are set to same as for main list/tree, user-configurable.
1101 Autotype email and url now works with shortcut.
- Prevent Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter when setting the Application Hotkey in PasswordSafe options dialog closing the dialog and saving an invalid Hotkey.
- Support wrap scrolling in the ListView using up and down arrow keys.

11 May 2013

New releases for both Windows (3.31) and Linux (0.91Beta). Thanks to PeterHB, DK and Andrey for their help in this release, and to pm_kan, Rikus, Karlo, Francois, Bjorne, Juanjo, and mniklas for updating the Russian, Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Spanish and Polish translations. Thanks to Yusuf for providing a new Turkish translation, and to Giorgio for providing Italian installation texts.

New Features for V3.31

- Turkish translation added, thanks to Yusuf.

Changes to Existing Features in V3.31

698 Autotype now supports URL and email fields with \l and \m, respectively.
673 Improved selection of subset of password: characters can be specified from the end of the password as well as from the beginning (thanks to DK).

Bugs fixed in V3.31

1098 Fixed typos in online help (thanks to PeterHB).
1097 Fixed typos in file format description text (thanks to PeterHB).
1096 Correct suffix appended to proposed filename when exporting to XML.
1095 Ampersand (&) is handled correctly in Password Policy (thanks to Andrey)
1092 Compare DB results context menu items now enabled correctly in Read Only (thanks to DK).
1085 Preferences that are stored in the database are colored blue again (thanks to DK).
1086 Unknown database preferences are preserved (thanks to DK).
1081 Minor issues related to password policy options.
1079 Password history date is now displayed in locale's format in entry's Additional tab.
1078 Expand entry's autotype value in Run Command's $a parsing.
1077 Don't report URL as copied to clipboard when it isn't.
1068 Opening a protected entry no longer causes a sound in Windows.

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